The internet in Australia is taking off. Proof of this can be seen in the amount of carefully maintained and updated websites that promote Australian business.

Don't be left in the dark ages of internet ignorance. Contact us to get your product & services on line today.

Stay in touch with family and friends overseas or interstate.

Market and make money from your business or personal website.

The applications for websites are limited only by your imagination.

We can design any type of website to suit your specific needs. I've listed a few below.

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We guarentee that the sites will be maintained and updated every month or as your needs require, keeping all your dates and content fresh and current.

We offer total website hosting, organising, designing and building your website from the ground up.
Your internet domain name, your email address's, as well as all your photography, uploads and updates.

Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us, so your details, content and infomation will never be shared with anyone without your written permission.

We will handle all your professional photography shoots and imaging, as well as offer assistance with general layout, style and content. Everything is done 'in-house' by us.

We can tailor our photography rates to suit your needs and are happy to negotiate a price to fit your budget. We are aware that every client has differant needs and requirments, and we will make every effort to get your plans up and running with no drama's..

Our basic website design and build prices including your domain name start from  $850.00.
We charge an ongoing basic monthly fee of $ 125.00 that covers your server expences, hosting fee and 2 standard monthly up-loads.
Our Photography rates start at $ 175.00 per hour for studio and location shoots in the Hervey Bay  area.

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