'27-South' Photography was born in 1998 and gained full accreditation through the 'Australian Collage of Journalism' & 'Australian Media Association', and although music took over, the camera was never too far away. The pictures that you will see here are all shot on c-41 print or E-6 transparency  useing 64 to 3200 ISO film. ( pushed and pulled to the max).
We work through-out Queensland and New South Wales, but are now based primarily in the Hervey Bay area

Nothing has been enhanced useing photo-shop or any other graphic manipulation program. We did it all the old fashioned way with film, lenses and people in real time. Every image was processed in a dark room with chemicals, safe lights, enlargers and skill.
I got out of main stream photography once digital 'corner cutting' became the standard. We would wait for hours measuring the available light, shadow location, hi-lights and low-lights, and we would create the shot in real time in real life & on real film.
We knew that we had to shoot it right the first time, trusting in our knowledge and skill as professional photographers. I feel that computer manipulation removes all the art, feeling & style from the craft......But I guess that digital manipulation is easier than getting it right the first time, every time................ isn't it !

We are once again available for all photography bookings. click on the general snaps tabs below the menu to see a few of the images I've 'snapped' over the last couple of years. If you don't see the style your looking for, email me. This is only a very small selection..

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Our natural light and location photography shoot rates start at $ 175.00 per hour all inclusive.

Our private and general photography sessions that cover Weddings, Private events, Family, Baby, Portraiture, Pets, General photography and Website imaging, start at $ 195.00per hour.

Corporate, Commercial, Industrial, Model portfolios & up-grades and Personal photo sessions start at $ 250.00 per hour  all inclusive. we can organise a package arangement that will suit your specific needs for all the above sessions and shoots.

All inclusive means that you get everything that I shoot at the session burned to compact disc so you can re-print what you like with no further cost. Also included in the price is full professional make up and wardrobe assistance including  additions if required.

Outside the Hervey Bay area will attract a travel expences that can be negotiated into your specific package.
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