'27-South' Photography.
Firstly, I've tried to cover some of the aspects and styles that I shoot. You might be snapping MIG fighters doing fly by's on Friday, then shooting a wedding Saturday, then up-grading a models portfolio on Sunday, then shooting for a website up grade Monday. Every shoot will be differant.
You need to be versatile, and be able to turn your hand to anything at anytime, from one extreme to the other.

Know your gear backwards.

Know what your light meter is doing all the time, and know how to 'trick' it.
Understand your apperture values in relation to the shutter speeds you want to use.
Understand your ISO film ratings, and how to apply that infomation to the shoot you are undertaking.
You CAN NOT indulge in one form of photography. You MUST be proficiant and feel comfortable with every situation and every aspect.
Push yourself and your working knowledge to a level greater than everybody else's.

My field kit consists of the folowing equipment.

Photographers are serious gadget freaks ( much like musicians ) Only carry what you need, not what you think you'll need. You will figure this out after the first few times you hump 2 bags of camera kit through the bush. Keep it effective and simple.
My Canon EOS-1-D and EOS-10-D with power boosters. I like Canon & Sigma lenses, so I use a fast EF mount Canon f-3 30 - 80mm USM as my primary field lense, and a Sigma f4.5 75 - 300 USM as my secondary, and a 2 x tele converter for long shots..
I use and carry a Canon 550-D-EX speedlight, and a Starblitz focal unit for remote flash as well.
When I need to check my light readings with a source other than from the active light sensors in my EOS, I use a passive powered Weston Masters light meter.
I also carry a top end Kyoseora as my back up camera, but since I've never had a failure with the Canon, I've never needed to use it, but I like knwing it's there.......Just in case.

Golden rules.

1. Always bracket your pictures.
2. Shoot it wide, you can take stuff out, but it's really hard to put it back in.
3. Be quick, be polite, be un-obtrusive and blend in with your backgrounds.
4. If a shoot is not going your way, discretely take controls. People skills are very important.
5. If your photographing people, have an assistant and video the entire shoot.

I'll put more here over time. If you have questions please feel free to email me. I'd be happy to help.


Gear, notes and general stuff.