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How to Use Your Pendulum
Many people like to cleanse or "clear" their pendulum before using it for the first time. To do this, simply pass the pendulum a few times through running water, burning incense smoke or place in a container of sea salt for an hour or so. Afterward, "charge" your pendulum by holding it in the palm of your hand and sitting quietly for a few moments. This will help the pendulum to align with your energies.

Choose a comfortable, quiet place to begin your first divining session. After a bit of practice you can use your pendulum just about anywhere, but for now, find someplace with a minimum of distractions. Sit comfortably and clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. Focus only on the purpose of this session.

Hold your pendulum a few inches from your body, about midway along the chain or chord, suspending the pendulum from between your thumb, index and middle fingers. Fold your remaining fingers in along your palm, using them to secure the other end of the chain. Allow your wrist to to drop downward, so that the pendulum is dangling, point down, above the upturned palm of your other hand, a paper diagram or a table. This enables you to better discern the pendulum's movements.

Take a few deep breaths to relax, clearing your thoughts and grounding your energies. Focus your gaze upon the pendulum and in a clear, confident tone say aloud, "Pendulum, please show me a yes response."
Hold your hand perfectly still and wait for the pendulum to begin moving. It will likely swing side to side in front of you, backward and forward toward and away from you, diagonally in either direction or in a circle. If the pendulum doesn't appear to move right away, have some patience. It takes a bit of time for the pendulum to align with your vibration, and its movements may at first be very slight. If after a few moments you still don't see any movement, make your request again and continue to focus on the pendulum.

Once you have determined the pendulum's yes response, clearly say, "Pendulum, please stop."
Wait for the pendulum to be still. When it has ceased moving completely, ask the pendulum to show you its "no" response in the same manner as you asked for its "yes" response. Remember to always state your directions clearly and aloud, if possible.
The pendulum should begin moving in a different direction than it did when you asked it to show you its "yes" response. If it moves the same way as the yes response, restate your request and focus.

Now that you have determined the pendulum's "no" response, again ask the pendulum to stop. You may decide that you'd like to determine a maybe response from your pendulum in case the answer cannot be determined at the time your question is asked. This step is entirely up to you, and if you choose this option, repeat the steps above to determine a maybe response.

Once you have determined the pendulum's yes, no and maybe responses, it is time to begin to ask your questions. You may wish to test your vibrational alignment with the pendulum by asking questions with obvious answers, such as "Is my mother's name Mary?" or "Is today Tuesday?"
When you are satisfied with the pendulum's response to the test questions, relax, focus your thoughts on the matter at hand, and begin asking your desired questions. Be sure to ask clear, concise yes/no questions. When more clarity is needed, ask for more information in a yes/no format.

When you are finished asking your questions, be sure to thank the pendulum for its guidance, and "clear" the pendulum by washing with water, passing through the smoke of burning incense or dipping it in sea salt.
Store your pendulum in a safe place where it will be not be touched by others. Since a pendulum is most effective when it has aligned itself to your energies, it's best to not allow others to handle your personal pendulum. Each time you consult your pendulum, remember to first determine the pendulum's yes and no responses before proceeding. This is for clarity's sake, because the response pattern could change from time to time.