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There are actually spirits around us all the time and we are rarely aware of them as they move about unseen by the majority of people. However, sometimes we will have experiences that do draw our attention to the presence of one or more spirits around us and we are left wondering why.

Why me?

Spirits can truly be found around anybody - whether you believe in spirits or not and whether you have psychic/medium abilities or not. It is true that people with strong psychic ability tend to attract spirits because their energy is stronger and is therefore like a beacon to spirits. However, the average person may attract a spirit for reasons that are unique to that spirit and the person.

Why my home?

Well a spirit may be in your home for any number of reasons, not necessarily relating to the home itself. So do not worry that you are living in a 'haunted house' and need to move A.S.A.P. Don't get caught up in the media's interpretation of 'ghosts' and expect bad things to happen. Look at the situation logically. Understand that spirits are just people who have passed away and for some reason have not been able to cross over to the other side. This will help you maintain a sense of calm so you can deal with the spirit and/or seek help to remove it. Some may indeed be mischievous or angry, but most are sweet, lost, scared or lonely.

If you do have one or more spirits around you, they could be there because of the location, the person/people, or even objects. So let's explore each of them in turn.


Old Homes - The spirit may indeed be associated with or attracted to the house, especially if it has a history. If a person has lived within that home and dies there, it is possible that they will choose to stay on there due to sentimental reasons or even because they are unaware they have died. If you are having problems with a spirit due to the house it could be possible that the spirit is simply trying to protect their home. Normal, human reasons can be the cause of problems such as the spirit simply does not like the people living in the location and therefore try to move them on. On the other hand you may be aware of them but you feel no threat. You may actually be liked by the spirit and 'allowed' to stay there happily. It is equally likely that you may have actually brought the spirit with you from a previous home - see the 'People' section below.

New Homes - It's possible that the land itself may be the reason for the spirit's presence. Perhaps the original home was demolished and when the new one was built, the spirit moved in too. Or, the location may simply be where that person died and that is where they've stayed on until you've built your home there.

Land - This covers just about anywhere really. It could be the location of the person's death or somewhere that was meaningful to them. It could even be their gravesite. It's possible, as mentioned above, that the spirit may have been attached to a home or building that has long since been demolished but they stay on in that location, possibly still visualising the location in its original form as part of their reality.

In some locations, there can be intense areas of energy - positive or negative, that attract spirits. If your home is located in one of these areas, it can seem like a freeway with them coming and going.


Loved Ones - It's common for those who have died to maintain attachments to those still living. It could be a sense of love and concern for a partner or children, a duty of care towards an elderly parent, or the need for justice towards someone who may have caused their death.

Personality - Alternatively, a spirit may be drawn to someone because of their personality and characteristics - either being similar to their own personality or that of a loved one or friend. They may be drawn to your personality if you are caring and compassionate, therefore providing a safe haven for them. You and the spirit may share similar likes and dislikes or if it's a negative spirit, they could be around you because you are someone the feel they can victimise.

Psychics/Mediums - Those with the ability to pick up on spirits more easily and who know the procedure for helping spirits cross over can draw spirits who are ready to go 'home'. Sometimes the psychic/medium's guide will bring spirits to them for exactly that purpose. Many people who are unaware of their ability for mediumship can find that they have visits from spirits. Even though these people won't know the process involved with removing the spirits or helping them cross over, the spirits will sense your abilities and will be attracted to that energy, looking for help.


Antiques are known to sometimes have a spirit attached and when the item travels from owner to owner, so does the spirit. If you have recently come into ownership of an antique or simply a second hand item and this has coincided with your awareness of a spirit being around, this could indeed be the link. Spirits will attach themselves to an object such as an item of jewellery, a photo, a favourite piece of furniture, or indeed anything, due to its sentimental value. It could also be due to where the person spent their dying days or moments, such as a chair or bed. As mentioned previously, the person may not even be aware they've died.

So is this a reason to stop buying used items? Of course not. If you feel good about buying an item then by all means go ahead. If for some reason you get strange 'vibes' about an item then take that as your cue to perhaps purchase a different item or to be prepared to remove what comes with it. Trust your instincts.

Of course you may not even be aware of a spirit around an item as they are very good at hiding and the most fearful of them will hide well so you may not know at first.

Other Reasons

Addictions - Interestingly, spirits who have had addictive personalities while they were alive can continue those behaviours after their death. Their addiction could be related to people, objects or even activities. For example, an alcoholic may resist crossing over as it would mean giving up an addiction that they are not ready to break away from. A smoker may feel 'at home' around a person who is also a smoker. Their thinking is still in the 'physical' and therefore they cannot move on without help. So they may be drawn to people with those same addictions or places where those addictions are prevalent, such as a bar.

Calling spirits to you - Using ouija boards, holding sťances and other occult practices can draw any old spirit to you and leave you susceptible to their antics. In fact it's most likely to be spirits with mischievous intentions are often drawn to these 'games' because the other spirits have no interest in entertaining. In these instances you should not be surprised to have spirits around you as you have called them. Such practices are very dangerous to play around with and should be banned. If a medium has the ability to call spirits, then they don't need the board, those who do not have the ability should not consider using one.


As you have been made aware, there are many ways spirits can find their way to you - or vice versa. You may be able to do a little research into an old home for example, or link a presence to the purchase of an old item. You may have a spirit around you who is known to you or they simply feel drawn to your presence for their own personal reasons. They may be in your home already or follow you home. Sometimes they'll come into your home with a visitor and decide that they wish to stay there or they could just be passing through and decide to stay for a while. They live on this planet with us and so exist all around us at all times. Perhaps your awareness can lead to that spirit finally finding their way home to the other side or at least being moved along if they are causing you concern or other problems.

It is not recommended that you encourage spirits to stay around as they cause physical and emotional reactions in people no matter how well intentioned they are. You can learn to responsibly do spirit removals and rescues yourself or seek someone who has the training and ability. Please contact us if you need further information or help.