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Spirit Guides Helpers & Loved Ones

We each have our own group of spiritual guidance, they are given a variety of names, including Spirit guides, Ministers of light, Guardian/Ark Angels, Celestial Beings/Energies, Spirit Inspirers, light workers and Dimensional Beings, such as Ascended Masters etc. We normally have both male and female guides and they can come here to the earth from any one of what is believed to be nine separate planes or spheres of spirit, each higher sphere being successively more evolved than the last, where new abilities and lessons will be discovered and learnt by those spirits who are progressing. Some not all of our guides maybe old or group souls, that is to say that they may have had reincarnation upon the earth on one or more occasions.

Spirit guides can appear to us in any form they might wish, this includes human adults or children and animal forms such as dolphins, birds or wolves or sometimes we can see guides in other ways that we might find to be acceptable and are comfortable with, this can include aliens for those who have such interests and spirit guides will at times show themselves in a form that we may have an affinity with, such as children or a certain animal etc. Some may also see guides as orbs or beads of light or as those they can relate to from their own religions and beliefs such as saints, angels or as divas the likes of, nymphs, elves, fairy's etc…

The reason spirit come in these ways is so that we are put most at ease with them and therefore more able to except our guides on our own terms, but we should try not to restrict how our guides present themselves to us, if we are fortunate enough to have contact with them we should try also to accommodate them as they do us. No matter the form our guides may come to us in, it is believed that all clairvoyant ESP or mind to mind contact other than from other mortals is all coming to us from spirit here or within our own spirit realms and not from extraterrestrial origin and it is believed that most of the clairvoyant communications we might receive are from human souls within spirit even if they present themselves in other forms that we personally might be seeking communication with I.e. animals or aliens etc.

Nearly all spirit from our spirit realms save a handful have at some stage lived upon the earthly plane, this is because the earthly plane is our first plane of our conscious existence and spiritual evolution. In real terms what we primarily are even if we do not realize it! Is spirit first and foremostly, and we have journeyed to the mortal plane to experience life and gain from the mortal and physical counterpart of our spirit.

Many spirit that return to help and guide us are progressed beings themselves and sometimes have progressed to higher planes of spiritual evolution, some of these guides may also of had a number of incarnations upon the earthly plane and our guides can come from many different cultures and periods in the earths history that can bring us a vast depth and wealth of cultural wisdom and insights from throughout the earth and spirit realms. The number of guides that we have can vary with our own needs, but to say that we have between 3 to 6 guides plus helpers would be fair, although depending on our needs this can increase or decrease as the needs might be, and I know that at one time I personally have had up to fifteen guides and helpers guiding and helping me to develop of which two of my helpers were my own family members being my Mother and Grandfather on my father side, each working with me on different aspects of spiritual development and service as well as helping me in my personal life and becoming my trusted friends.

Those who work with spirit at some stage may have a need for a specific guide to help them develop their spiritual attributes and awareness in a certain direction, for instance if we wished to be a healing channel then a healing guide will come forward to us or we may wish to learn and give spiritual philosophy or clairvoyance etc, so guides that can help us develop these abilities and gifts will come forward to help us if we ask or sometimes spirit will lead us in these directions as they will make best use of those who are willing to be of service, even just to give or impress words into our minds that we can speak to another to give comfort and upliftment too them and if we have need of a certain guide then one will be found to come and help us develop in a certain way.

Guidance is an organized and structured body of spirit that comes upon the earthly plane in service of the betterment of mankind and with our best interests at heart. Most guides come as ambassadors or ministers of light from within the spirit realms to bring us wisdom and insights not only of how we can help others and better our own lives but also to inspire us to think of our future within spirit telling us of the life hereafter and the continuation of all life, giving the philosophy and truth of spirit, that will help us to develop a greater understanding of our own spiritual pathway in life, along with hopefully the unfoldment and discovery of our own latent gifts of the spirit such as the sixth senses.

Within our guidance we each have a Main or Master guide and he/she is usually a fairly evolved and responsible soul and will coordinate and organize our own guidance to best serve our needs and if there be a need as mentioned for a more specialized guide to come forward, then our main guide will find the appropriate person within spirit wishing to be of service and to help and work with individuals here wishing to develop their abilities. Some of our guides come and go throughout our lifetimes and others may remain with us from before our birth till mortal demise, when they will come to us through our portal of light to the spirit realms, along with loved ones to help us to move on and make the transition into the realms of light and spirit.

We each should have a gatekeeper among our guides and we should ask to have one present just to make sure that we do. Our gatekeeper is there to regulate those who wish to communicate with us and he/she let's those come forward to us, who are appropriate to be doing so at any given time. There are those that do have permission to communicate with us at any time, these individuals are normally one or two of our guides and our loved ones in spirit, however there are also spiritual helpers that come to help us, these individuals are not always our main guides...

They may well be guides or those who are training to become spiritual guidance and can at times include our family members and friends within spirit, or they may merely be individuals wishing to be of service, moving from one person to the next, sometimes spending just a few months with us or at times a number of years before eventually moving on. We can ask for new guides to help us or if we do not see eye to eye with one of our guides, we can ask a guide to leave or be replaced. Some of our guides do need to move on themselves at times, this can be due to their own development and needs as they too are also learning and evolving both here and within the realms of light.

If we ourselves have had a previous lifetime before this present life, then we may have a spiritual karma who works with our spiritual guidance. Karma's are individuals within spirit who are aware of our past lifetimes and any pre-destined life plans that we may have made and agreed upon prior to incarnation within our present life. Those spirit that do incarnate back here, incarnate from fairly evolved planes within the spirit realms and are incarnated back here as one with the new soul of our life and the old or group soul that mostly remains dormant and has what is called past life amnesia that takes place as the new and old soul is received at fertilization. So the old soul has little effect or bearing on our present life or circumstances and brings no karmic dept onto the present life, as we are here to develop and experience life as a new soul separate from the old soul and any previous experiences of life on the most part…

But if we do have a life plan and at some stage we develop our own spiritual abilities and become aware of spirit, then it is plausible if we inquire as to whether we have had a past life or not? That our karma and guides may come forward to us and help us to gain some insights into some aspects of our past life. However we should not be too concerned with our past lifetimes, as it is the present life that we are here to live and learn from this lifes experiences that we have in this lifetime. If we have reincarnated and have a old or group soul then we will be re-awoken to our past lives at some later stage when we return to the spirit realms and all our past lifes knowledge and wisdom will be added to that of our own and it is as though we have had amnesia and we are awoken and find all that had been lost to our memory.

Spirit guides cannot always answer all the questions we might have, the reason is that sometimes these things are for us to discover by our own means and merits, so guides will do as their name suggests and guide us toward the answers we seek in our own personal development and our task is to discover these things for ourselves, as the greatest lesson is personal discovery for ones own self rather than just to be given all the answers and this is what helps us to develop our own individual experiences and therefore wisdom and insight of spiritual existence, rather than just accumulating knowledge. So the lessons we have here on the earth are practical ones, that greatly involve seeking and discovering the answers and greater understandings of life for ourselves…

We may also ask spirit what to do about a personal situation or hardship in our life, and we must realise that spirit are not allowed to live our lives for us or make personal decisions for us, what they can do is try to give good impartial and balanced advice concerning these matters, but at the end of the day we must make our own decisions. Spirit have been known to say that at times when they can see that we are going to make a mistake, how difficult it is for them to have to stand back, as they know it is not right for them to come forward to us and tell us not to do a certain thing, as we each must learn these things for ourselves even if it entails making mistakes or finding failure in our lives and as has been said "the mother of success is failure" and from the experiences we have had then maybe the next time we will get it right and find success through the process of trial and error.

However we can greatly look to our guides to support us and give compassion in times of need and they very often come with messages of comfort and encouragement along with sound advice. It is not always possible for us to follow the advice that our guides may give us, as there are many hardships in life and sometimes our fortitude might wane in times of hardship and then our guides will come to us and help us through these times and aid us to set our feet on solid ground once again. We can also ask our guides for healing for our own needs and for the needs of others and as we build a trusted relationship with some guides we may be encouraged to serve in one way or another, this can vary greatly from the odd word of encouragement we are given to share with others to becoming a healing channel…

Or we might be used to give spiritual inspiration and philosophy that is being imparted through us by a guide to an audience, or we may be used to give psychic and clairvoyant messages to loved ones here on the earth, from those who have passed on into spirit, or we might be inspired to write, either by the words being imparted into our minds or by spirit who can find attunement with us and are able to do automatic writing, where they can take control of our hand and use us as an instrument through which they can write, possibly even in a foreign language unknown to ourselves. Or a few here may eventually develop and be taken into trance by a trusted guide to the deepest level of clairvoyance, which is trance mediumship, where it is possible for a spirit guide to take control of us and use both our body and mind as a host through which they can speak and give an address to others, or perform a healing etc, while the medium is harmlessly pushed to one side during trance, while the guide has control it is generally the case that the medium is not aware of what has transpired during their absence when they come out of trance.

Sensing Spirit & Guides Through Psychic & Clairvoyant ESP

There are many ways in which we might begin to sense and have contact with spirit. There are times when we calm the mind and become more receptive and attuned to the vibration or frequency of spirit, these times are especially as we go to and wake up from sleep or while we are having daydreams or in a meditative state. At these times we often may enter an altered state of mind and perceptions and a natural heightening of our spirit vibration takes place that allows us to sense beyond the norm through the latent sixth senses & gifts of the spirit.

If we do wish to develop these abilities to sense and communicate with spirit, firstly we do need to invite our spirit guides, helpers and loved ones to work with us and below is a list of different perceptions and experiences we might gain during meditation and attunement to spirit or at times when we become naturally receptive through heightened awareness and opening the main seven spiritual Chakra energy and reception centers.

If we wish to speak or have contact with spirit or spirit guidance and loved ones, then it is best done through developing attunement to spirit, this is done by heightening our own spirits senses and vibration to a frequency where it becomes possible to sense and then eventually build a strong enough link to communicate with spirit. This normally involves entering an altered state of conscious awareness, to some it comes naturally and is not unlike a daydream like state of mind where the mind is allowed to freely drift while we allow a quieting of our thoughts and the mind is taken up into a heightened but peaceful state of awareness while expanding our spiritual senses outward. For those who do not find it naturally, then often finding this attunement and quieting of the mind so that spirit may be perceived works best within a relaxing meditation.

Once the gifts open up and are more developed it becomes much easier to attune into the spiritual vibrations where clairvoyance and psychic perceptions and awareness becomes possible. However the foundation of clairvoyance is often psychism and the two are often thought to be the same thing, when in fact they work on different levels and vibrations, for instance you can be psychic and clairvoyant without hearing spirit, but psychism is often use by clairvoyant mediums to form a link with someone here so that a spirit is drawn to them for this person and then they move their vibration up into the spiritual vibrations to link in with the spirit and pass on the message that is given. The psychic link aids the power to build up between the material and spiritual planes, so it is very beneficial or even necessary to have some basic psychic abilities which we can develop with practice at linking into others here and sensing them on psychic levels through the aura etc.

1. Firstly one of the common phenomena we might experience is catching glimpses of spirit out of the corner of the eye in peripheral vision (This might also include seeing aura), sometimes these spirits might be seen as shadows or as normal figures standing or moving to one side. The problem is that as soon as one looks directly to see what or who it is, there is often nothing to be seen, therefore mostly we put it down to a figment of our own imaginations, when in reality we are seeing spirit.

2. Another way in which spirit are seen here, is as tiny sparks of light or as transparent orbs or beads that at times become bright light or flashes of light about the size of a marble and can at times be caught on film as seen in the three pictures to the right. Mostly these orbs are seen in peripheral vision mostly, flashing briefly often as white light but they can vary in colours. These sparks of light can be seen as spiritual pearls or orbs hovering and gliding through the air and are often seen to be following us or others around the home, they are normally best seen indoors or out of direct daylight…

3. These spiritual pearls or orbs of light are a form and presence that spirit within the realms can take to remain constantly here upon the earthly plane. This is so that spirit never have to leave the earth completely and a small part of their spirit can remain behind here all the time in this form, so that they can also be living their lives within the spirit realms whilst being here at the same time to guide and watch over us. Our spirit loved ones and guides can all take this secondary form to remain here within hours of their passing. Guides and loved ones can communicate with us and each other through this form if we are spiritually aware by blending within our aura and finding attunement to us. Spirit orbs have been photographed on many occasions all round the world and are often seen by mediums hovering over the heads of those that they are giving a spiritual message too.

4. Spirit are etheric beings of energy and light and spirit blend their own spiritual energies with those of our own via our aura and then they attempt to find attunement to our spiritual vibration which is much slower than that of spirits, this is because our mortal bodies act like a dampening field to our spirits slowing down our spirits vibration, thus it is helpful if we try to heighten our own vibration and meet spirit half way between their normal vibration and that of our own normal vibration, then clairvoyance becomes possible. Once it is we might gain a sense of them and of the thoughts or impressions they are trying to channel to us through psychic and clairvoyant intuitions, impressions, senses and perceptions on a level that is in attunement with our own spirits vibration and frequency, this is somewhat like tuning the dial of a radio into the right station until it is possible to receive and transmit feelings and thoughts with spirit.

5. The blending of spirit energies within our auras is what many here firstly sense and become aware of and when a spirit draws close to us to blend their energies within our aura to attune to us in an attempt to communicate with us to help us to become aware of their presence, it can produce feelings of energies and tingling sensations and even goose bumps and hairs standing on end on the back of our necks, as well as warmth or coolness that can be felt particularly around the head and shoulders, this blending can at times produce a feeling around the face not dissimilar to a feeling of having cobwebs on ones face or even a feeling like tiny kisses on the cheeks.

6. The energies that spirit use can at times become very powerful and the tingling sensations can begin to itch and even become acute to the extent where some find it hard to bear while in meditation, which can make it hard to concentrate. The reason spirit have to use so much power is that they need to open the spiritual minds chakra perception and receptive centers and after a 30 minute meditation or so it can leave one with a slight headache but no harm is done. The other common experience this gives is a feeling of pressure on top of the mind, this again is to do with the opening of the chakra within the spiritual mind.

7. We may begin at times sensing that there is someone we know in our presence standing by our side or a feeling like someone is putting a hand on our shoulder as a supportive gesture or stroking our hair lightly, this is normally done by loved ones in spirit when they are trying to make us aware of their presence.

8. The perceptions and impression spirit loved ones might try to send into our minds are often memories of themselves, if they wore a distinctive perfume or smoked a pipe we might be given a sense of these smells as it acts like a trigger to remind us of them so as we then think of them and it helps us to form a psychic link with them, but these senses are usually quite subtle for beginners. We may also feel or experience emotions or inspirations of thoughts and words that just seem to pop into our minds. Most feel and sense these things rather than hearing spirit voices directly, while others can at times see and hear spirit more directly in the mind, clairvoyance is the general term given to this, but clairsentience is feeling or sensing spirit more like psychics do and clairaudience is hearing spirit voices clearly in the mind or coming out of the air on a rare occasion…

9. This can be somewhat like listening to the little voice within your own mind, again it is subtle or sometimes just an impression that drifts into your mind as it might do in a daydream and one has to trust it is spirit. Those who have been mediums for many years, still at times question whether they are really hearing spirit at times. But there is proof that comes in its different ways and may just seem like an intuitive feeling about someone and if you ask them often it is found that your feelings are correct. This can confirm to you that what you are giving is correct and helps you to open up the gifts and abilities of the spirit as you learn to trust in what you are receiving from spirit and the stronger the link becomes. And other spiritual insights, messages and development often come to those who open their minds to spirit.

10. Some who are aware of spirit say they can hear or sense spirit loved ones moving around the home and coming up the stairs as they would of done while they were still here on the earthly plane and those that feel their presence do sometimes get impressions of a song or something this person always used to sing or say. Spirit are also on occasions believed to be responsible for moving objects about the home and often this might be a picture of themselves that has been moved, others here have witnessed objects actually being moved by spirit and even at times being knocked through the air.

11. Some spirit seem to of learnt how to make knocking noises and can even make door bells and old phone bells ring to some extent, this often happens in the early hours of the morning between 2 to 5am and it can be somewhat annoying for those that do get this on a regular basis. Those who do get fed up with it, find that acknowledging the spirit who is trying to get their attention, often stops it and that is normally all spirit are trying to do is get our attention and acknowledgment and this is mostly just spirits way of saying hello, because they cannot get our attention in another way. Some here do get a little unnerved by such experiences, usually there is no harmful intent meant. On a very rare occasion individuals here have picked up a phone in a half sleep like state, which is a more receptive state to spirit and have had a conversation with a loved one or friend who has passed over, this seems like you are talking on the phone to them, but is actually clairvoyants.

12. Some receive clairvoyant impressions, while others are given intuition or premonitions which are more like gut feelings and this works more on a psychic level and is received in a more indirect manner through the solar-plexus chakra which is the main psychic perception center, rather than in a more clairvoyant ability to sense, hear or see within the mind through the crown and brow chakra, which can include seeing images on the psychic minds third eye or having impressions of images put within the mind without actually seeing them. This is why people say it was a gut feeling that they have had something like a premonition or intuitive feeling, rather than knowledge passed directly into the mind.

13. As mentioned we might notice some of these things as we are going off to sleep or waking up and spirit might give us anything within these intuitions and impressions and they can be related to past present or future events and situations, including others we know here or in spirit and spirit also work with a number of people here in dream state, that is they give intuitions and sometimes premonitions to us during our dreams, so what we might receive is partly of our own dream and imagination and partly what spirit are giving, often spirit give things in symbolic ways that we should try to decipher the meanings of, such as seeing a rough ocean might mean emotional turmoil or a calm ocean might mean emotionally well balanced etc.

14. Spirit can also work with us on what seems to be a physical level, which again they do by impressions and using their energies to over shadow us to some extent through psychic and clairvoyant abilities, this could be a feeling of ailments or such like and often it is given because spirit would like us to ask for healing for someone who has a need of healing. As an example if spirit wish us to listen to them they may make one of our ears itch or feel warm, or if we are making decisions and ask spirit if it is right or wrong they might make one of our hands itch to say yes and the other to say no.

15. If we ask spirit to help us or ask a question the answer can at times come in unexpected manners, such as we might pick up a book and it falls open on a certain page and there we may see a word or sentence that stands out, that may well be a indirect answer to our question. If we ask to serve and help others, then spirit can help and guide us to find these opportunities it is up to us to recognize whether we feel we have been guided and given such opportunities that might be presented to us and they often come in subtle ways, that we often put down to coincidence or chance rather than that of being guided.

16. Many working mediums ask spirit to help them in their daily lives, even asking spirit to help them find a parking space and often you hear a medium say that spirit provided the help they asked for. I heard of a medium stranded out in the rain when their car broke down miles from anywhere. She asked spirit for help and within two minutes a kindly looking man pulled up and asked her if she had broken down, she said she had and he gave her a lift to her home 10 miles away. Was this orchestrated by spirit or just coincidence? That's for the individual to decide, but she believed spirit answered her calls for help.

17. Spiritual awareness can virtually come over night to some, while in others it develops more slowly and often there might be a need for the gift to be developed, there are those who are aware but have been denying and rejecting these abilities for a long time for whatever reasons or fears they might have, sometimes cause by religious beliefs that we should not speak with the dead, however I have never met a dead spirit yet and there is no death all pass directly into spirit at mortal demise. This is quite natural as we often are wary of the unknown, yet there are many here who have had these abilities since childhood and are quite at home with these gifts. Those that have these abilities no matter whether they have had them for years or not, often have many unanswered questions they wish to ask about their abilities and experiences, along with who are their guides and how are their loved ones in spirit etc.

18. For those who are naturally spiritually aware or those that continue to develop the gifts of the spirit, there are a multitude of things we can learn from spirit guides, family members and helpers in spirit along with being of service to spirit ourselves and we can all continually develop the latent gifts of our own spirit with the help of those that come to work with us.

There is one group that can find it hard to develop spiritual abilities and these are those who have a more analytical mind and they frequently question the validity of how spiritual communications work and how can it be possible and this in itself causes a blockage in their own spirits ability to open up to spiritual communications. It is important to have self confidence and belief in ones own spirit and spiritual abilities, as self belief in our own spiritual self is very important as the spirit only rewards those who are open minded and it is a pre requisite that enables us to find the correct attunement and vibration within our own spirit and mind, that then allows our spirit to come into its own and find the freedom from our material minds to find attunement to our own spirits latent gifts and therefore also to the spirit world…

So the one thing we should never do is doubt our own spirits abilities and realize that our spirit has no restrictions and that it is our own mortal minds and conceptions that limits and places restrictions on what we can and cannot do, there for often bringing limitations onto our spirit by the way we think. So in effect to discover our spirits latent abilities, we have to be worthy of our own spirit to receive the rewards through unfoldment and self belief. It is true that our spirit is our own best judge of what is or is not appropriate for us as of yet for us to be able to do and all spiritual abilities have to be earned and even if they come naturally that is still because we have earned them often through not doubting the self and those who are less spiritually inhibited are often more open minded, trusting and imaginative naturally finding the gifts of the spirit developing in their daily lives.

Seeking Spirit & Guardianship

We can all gain help through sending out our thoughts asking spirit guides and loved ones to help guide us along our pathway of life, they cannot work miracles and the help we do get we might not always recognize, as spirit often work in subtle and sometimes mysterious ways. We can ask for healing for both ourselves and for others and we can work with spirit by asking to become a channel and developing our own latent gifts of the spirit. We can work with spirit in a variety of manners including sending out the healing powers along with the love of spirit and what communications we might receive.

There are one or two things that we should bear in mind and that is that spirit cannot work with us fully until we invite them to do so. Also by asking those spirit who are working with us, to bring support to the earth as a united spirit realm, increases the chance of the earth being awoken more fully and becoming more aware of spirit and the spirit realms, as this provides a solid foundation upon which the earthly plane might become awoken. The reason why we should ask this is because of the mysterious ways in which spirit sometimes work and it is sometimes ours to ask before we can receive.

I truly believe that the spirit realms has a major part to play in any future awakening of the earthly plane and I feel it is partly ours to ask for these things as mortals, before they can always be fully allotted to us and I believe there is a spiritual truism in the words "ask and ye shall receive, Knock and the door shall be opened" as if we wish to see the earthly plane awoken to spirit more fully we must firstly learn to ask to receive this help from the spirit realms and those individuals who