Quija and other spirit communication tools

So often has the subject of Quija Boards come up in conversations that I feel a need to talk a bit about them here.

Most everyone has seen a Quija Board & perhaps even use done with friends. Many people ask me if a Quija board does work in making contact with spirits. I believe there are many "tools" that people use to help with spirit communication. Besides Quija Boards there are pendulums, crystals, tarot cards, candles, circles, séances… the list continues on. It isn't the tool that makes the spirits come & manifest or make themselves known. It is simply intent to communicate with spirit that draws them. When ever people have the intention to communicate with spirit they send out energy. Thought & emotion are energy. This is what draws the spirits, not the board or any other "tool" being used. The power, the real power is in the energy going out & that the spirits respond to it.

It is my personal opinion however that the worst thing ever done was to label the Quija Board as a toy & market it to all age groups, as has been done for the many years. I have formed this opinion for several reasons. One being some people do think of it as a game. With games you can just put the pieces back in a box when done playing and that's that. That doesn't work well with spirits that want to communicate.

Once the board is put away some of the spirits who really want to talk may react in negative ways or may stay around. This can cause a variety of problems for the people involved as well tinge their outlook on spirit communication for years to come. They may feel helpless because they don't understand what they did & also afraid because they aren't sure what they are dealing with. The directions on the box doesn’t include directions they can read on how to make an unwanted spirit leave. Many will throw the board away thinking it’s the board & not something outside of the board. They are surprised when the activity keeps up.

People generally don't think to say a prayer & ask their guides for help with who comes to them in spirit & also to take a spirit away. This also goes back to not taking spirit communication seriously. Not taking spirits seriously, thinking of them as some abstract thing that is all in fun. Remember, Quija boards have no power & are just tools. The power in spirit communication & what draws the spirits is the desire you send out to communicate, the energy.

People, especially the young have no idea how strong in spirit they are, how strong in energy & what they can actually accomplish when wanting to communicate. They tend to see the causes and answers as being outside themselves & not something related directly to them. Quija & other tools of communication are not games. You never ever know who you will be receiving in spirit nor will you know the intent of the spirits coming through. Calling a long passed relative or someone famous rarely works. If you the board I suggest you respect it as a tool, & shield yourself from unwanted activity. You are stronger than them, you know……

We would love to hear your points of view on the different tools of communication you use & the experiences, good or not so good you have had.
Seeing the Aura.....

Being able to see the aura is normally linked to having spiritual or psychic abilities.

Those who see the aura of another person often link with spirit or read the aura psychically.

The best place to look to see the human aura is just over the top of the head - however some see the aura all around a person.

Try to let your eyes go slightly out of focus - this helps when looking.

This can be hard to do - try narrowing your eyes slightly.

If someone thinks you are giving them the evil eye you're probably doing it right!

Seeing the aura may take a long time to develop, try looking for the aura on different living things, not just fellow humans.

As you develop your seeing of the aura you may begin by seeing a milky white glow around people and other living things.

Although things can appear quite strange, hang in there, you're doing fine.

As you progress the colours will start to appear.

When you start to see the colours always accept the first colours you see, don't be tempted to alter them just to please the person you are doing the reading for.


The Spiritual aura is made up of high frequency fields of energy that surrounds all living things. The energies are linked with psychic and spiritual powers and are usually read clairvoyantly. The amount of auric energy fields / planes do vary depending on the beliefs you choose to follow.

I will concentrate on the 7 main aura energy planes.....

The Etheric aura extends roughly 5 cm out from our physical body.

It is usually a shade of blue. The shade of blue normally relates to the physical condition of our body.

In this aura you feel all the sensations of pleasure and pain.

Our Emotional aura is about 5 to 10 cm from our body and can appear as many different shades / colours.

This aura is associated with our feelings / emotions and will change its colour accordingly. Negative feelings will generally create darker colours whereas positive feelings will create brighter colours.

The Mental aura is found 10 to 20 cm around the body and often appears bright yellow. Within this aura field are our thoughts and mental reasoning.

The more active we are in our mind the brighter the colour.

The Astral aura energy plane extends 20 to 30 cm around our body and again like our emotional aura can appear a multitude of colours.

The Astral aura is believed to be the bridge between the 2 planes - the physical and the spiritual.

Etheric Template aura appears as a blue-print form and is normally 30 to 60 cm around us. This field is there to hold the Etheric aura in place - the template for the Etheric dimension.

The Celestial aura extends 60 to 85 cm from the body and appears as a very bright shimmer of light seen in different colours.

This is a level of feelings within the spirit world.

It is in this aura we communicate with spirit.

Finally we have the Kethric aura which extends about 85 to 130 cm from our body.

It appears as a very bright golden light and appears to pulsate rapidly.

This aura field is there to protect all and everything within its boundaries, meaning us as living spirits.

Ouija Boards and Séances

Spirit Hunters Paranormal Investigations use scientific equipment to
look for and prove or disprove the presence of paranormal activity.
We are trained to use our equipment to get the best results available.
We do not use nor do we condone the use of Ouija Boards or

Ouija Boards (Witch Boards or Spirit Boards) have been in use
since the times of the Ancient Greeks and in ancient China. They
were used during the Roman Empire and in Africa. Séances have
been present and recorded as far back of 840 B.C.
By definition a Ouija Board is a wooden board with numbers and
letters on it. It has a planchette that is used to point out answers. A
séance is a gathering of a group of people for the purpose of
obtaining supernormal manifestations or establishing
communications with the ghosts of the dead.
Most people that attempt to use either method are novices
(untrained) and do not realize how treacherous these can be. These
are extremely dangerous practices for a novice to attempt since both
Ouija Boards and Séances are uncontrolled forms of communication
with the spirit world..

Through the use of a Ouija Board or Séance you are attempting to
contact spirits or ghosts of the dead. Most of the spirits you may
reach using these methods, are in the lower astral plane and died a
violent or sudden death. They are often violent, negative, potentially
dangerous to those using the above mentioned methods and definitely
not “at rest“. They may be seeking a way to come back to our plane.
By asking a spirit to show you a manifestation of physical power,
such as “open a door“, or “turn out a light”, you have opened a
physical portal from which he can travel to and from the two worlds.
Once in our world he is free to cause havoc and harm. Unless you
have a trained professional, a psychic, a medium, or a clairvoyant in
charge of the session it is an uncontrolled dangerous session. A
trained professional, psychic, medium, or clairvoyant can sense the
danger and close the portal before any damage can be done.

Be careful even “playing” with these tools. You might become
psychologically dependently on them. They can have a adverse
effect on your psyche. As you attempt to get more and more
information from the board, you could subconsciously be using the
board as an avenue inside your own mind. You could be asking the
board questions and subconsciously using your mind and the
planchette to answer your own questions. A novice can become
obsessed with the use of the board feeling the need to consult it on
all matters of personal life.
I will end with this quote: P. Celsus (a medieval philosopher,
practitioner, and contributor to the birth of modern medicine) stated
“Do not call up that which you cannot put down.” Wise words to be
taken wisely.