I am the four winds,
I breath and am by their presense,
I am the elements and their family,
They are my kin.
I am the freedom of the wind,
I am the agility of the fire,
I have the humor of electricity,
My love of nature from the earth,
My ignorance the darkness,
My truth I tell the light,
My attitute...the ice.
Of these things I will always be,

How to Smudge a House

Smudging has been used for centuries to rid an area of negative energy or spirits. It involves burning certain dried herbs to form a smoke bath that cleanses and purifies people, objects and homes. Generally sage, sweet grass and cedar are burned.

Things You’ll Need:

    * Dried white sage
    * Sweet grass
    * Cedar shavings or chips
    * Large feather
    * Small ceramic or stone bowl
    * Matches

Step 1:
Put a small mixture of the sage, cedar and sweet grass in the bowl.

Step 2:
Light the herbs with a match. The flame should self-extinguish leaving you with only smoke, but if it doesn't gently blow on it to get rid of the flame.

Step 3:
In the first room take the feather and softly fan the smoke from the bowl into all four corners starting with the West. As you fan the smoke say out loud, "I fill this home with love and light." If you don't feel comfortable saying this, then say a prayer as you work.

Step 4:
Once you have completed all four corners walk around the rest of the room and fan the smoke in every direction repeating your statement or prayer. Move from room to room in this fashion until you have smudged every room in the house.

Step 5:

When you have finished, extinguish the smoke with a little water and dispose of the used herbs.

Energy has a habit of collecting in your home. It can be negative if a lot of fighting or arguing takes place or has taken place. All of this built up negativity can cause your life to begin showing signs of being out of balance. Things may feel out of control, and you can have a general sense of uneasiness about you. To remedy this, you should cleanse your home, room by room. By cleanse, I do not mean clean (although that helps too!). I mean cleanse in the spiritual sense. Here is how to cleanse a room.

    * Sage smudge stick
    * Matches
    * Blessings
    * Salt

Step 1:
The first step is to light the sage smudge stick and allow it to smolder. As the smoke rises, starting at your head, envelope your body with the smoke. Cover your body with the smoke and when you get to your feet, lift them up and allow the smoke to rise over them.

Step 2:
Next, choose the first room you are going to cleanse and place a bowl of salt in the center of the room. Salt helps to remove negative energy.

Step 3:
With the smoking sage, begin in the right corner of the room closest to the door. Hold the sage near ground level and allow the smoke to fill the corner. Use your hand to help waft it higher if you need to.

Step 4:
Repeat the affirmation, "I banish all negativity from this home and I bless this house with the energy of light and love." Begin walking clockwise along the perimeter of the room, allowing the smoke to rise up the walls. Continue the affirmation.

Step 5:
When you get to a doorway or window, run the sage all the way around it, repeating the affirmation. Linger in the corners of the room as that is where most of the negativity collects.

Step 6:
When you come to a piece of furniture, run the sage stick around and under it as well. Furniture can also retain negative imprints which you will want to get rid of.

Step 7:
When you are finished with the perimeter of the room, step outside of the room and cleanse yourself with the smoke once again.

Step 8:
Now, take the bowl of salt and scatter it outside. Do not throw it in the trash or down the drain.

Step 9:
If you wish, place some live fresh flowers in the room after the cleansing to help promote positivity. But, do not place them in the room until after the cleansing ceremony is complete.