Understanding the Supernatural .
What kinds of Ghosts are there?

Residual Hauntings

Residual Hauntings are often considered a photo in time or leftover energy from the past. some type of horrific landmark in time playing itself over and over in a certain location,( i.e. battlegrounds ). Some see apparitions, some feel energies, and some hear sounds. There have been some theories that limestone deposits have some effect on residual hauntings, as they have been found near active sites and limestone can hold electromagnetic charges.

Spirits in visitation

This is exactly as the heading says. Spirits who are just popping in to visit, saying hello, making sure your o.k. They will do what they need to do, and then leave.
If your in tune to this, you might also notice changes in nature around you, birds that for no reason catch your attention, butterfly's ecte. I'll write more on this latter.

Parasitic Entities

An entity that is of bad intensions. It must feed off of something (i.e. stress, anguish, drug problems, emotional problems, fear, etc. ). It can be very problematic within a household, a little less subtle than a poltergeist but still enough to reek havoc. Sometimes associated or confused with poltergeists.

Time Slips

This type of haunting is most usually seen as sounds and transparent shadows. This has been documented for many years. What may be occurring is actually from the past - another time in life slipping into our time. The ingredients for this to happen are of large proportion, yet to be discovered.

Crisis Apparitions

Apparitions of the dying or recently dead (usually less than twelve hours, but as much as 24-48 hours) are the most frequently reported of apparitions. This category commonly involves one-time visits to someone with whom the apparition has close emotional ties. Though the encounter usually seems to be a type of farewell, sometimes important and useful information is relayed to the "viewer." Though dying is the most common crisis, other life-threatening situations can also trigger apparitional visits. In these cases, the crisis apparition typically visits a close associate in an appeal for help

Apparitions of the Dead

These are apparitions of people who have generally been dead longer than 12-48 hours. There are two subsets: 1) those that make one or several visits to someone (they may not have known this person while alive) and 2) the very rare cases of apparitions that linger for months or years around a particular location or person that they associated with when alive.