I am  available for 'recording' session work and 'live' session work  with Duo's, Trio's and bands covering most genre's of music.

I play Keyboards, Harp, Power Rythmn and Lead guitars, acoustic, semi acoustic and electric.

I play 'Albert King' style guitar, so it's a sound that is totaly differant to any other guitar player. Soft and soulful, solid and grooving, and screaming lead.

With the advent of the internet, email and seriously kewl compression agents, we now offer a world wide session musician service. You email me with details, then send me your project and I put exactly what you want into it. This has proven to be very much in demand

Collaboration & session work with other muzo's world wide is now available through this studio.

Have a listen to our tracks on Youtube, studio and live performances  for an accurate perception into my style and sound.

I can cover any area including Blues, Rock, Contempory, Origionals, Ballads & Country. My gear is well worn & top of the line.

I use Washburn AE- 18 & 120  semi acoustic custom guitars, Gibsons, a Fender Frankencaster and an Epiphone Les Paul elite. My favourite live amp is my old Peavey 112 Transtube with an in line Ibaneaz TS - 9 DX Tube Screamer, and I run my Washburns through a Zoom GFX - 5 effects unit with seperate expression pedals..

Price's are on individual application and bookings are essentual.
Andy .....The Session Guy.