General stuff about me.
So many players I know take themselves far too seriously. It's about having fun. Sure, it all has a serious side, but from the time I plug in and amp up, until & I un-plug, I'm in another world. it still gets scary sometimes, but I love it.
I've never lost that blues buzzz, and hope I never will....
I could be playing a regular  bar in Maroochydore, or opening the blues tent at the Gympie Muster. It just doesn't matter.
as long as I'm playin' something, sometime & somewhere.
Your born into this sort of life I think. there are the 'wanna be rock-stars', and then there are 'players'. It's pretty easy to figure out who's who. Dedication, perserverance, a good day job cause your gonna need a 'wad' of money, good business sence, very hard work, and believing in yourself. If your ment to persue this career......You'll know it !!

Here's my 'gear list'. I use Washburn AE-120 custom semi-accoustic guitars, one in blue quilted maple, and the other is black with a huge dragon head on the body, and I run them both through a Zoom GFX-5 effects pedal. All the semi accoustic guitars run straight into the main desk and out through front of house speakers.
I also play a 1979 left handed Fender Frankencaster ( seriously changed, abused  & altered stratocaster ) and a 1982 left handed Epiphone Les Paul custom.
Both the Fender and the Epiphone. run through an Ibanez TS-9-DX Tube Screamer as well as the GFX-5 and into an 80 watt RMS Peavey Transtube 112 ( Sheffield )amp.
Casio make fantasticly durable keyboards for playing live shows, I have one of them as well, and about 12 Blues harps by Hohner.
Our main live rig is a Behringer Euromix 1200 watt per side 18 channel powered mixing console. ( we have 2 of these rigs ) We use 2 Peavey Scorpion fluid cooled 1300 watt RMS main side speakers and Peavey 200 watt powered monitors back to us, and all our mic's are Shure SM-57's of course..
Anything else you want to know, just email me..
From live performanes where I'm centre stage, to session work where I get to hide on the side of the stage & play hard core guitar for other bands. To recording for myself or clients, the effort is the same. one hundrd percent all the time, every time !!
It's fairly easy to get to number one. Staying there is a whole differant ball game. Start with about 400 songs across all popular genre's and learn them backwards. Then, add more. You can't play origional material at a pub gig.  Pactice every single day weather you have a gig or not.