Black Dog Bob
And the stories behind the songs.
'Acoustic Overload is now available with seven original tracks set down in our own studio

Sunrise:  I guess I was feeling a little sarcastic when I penned this, I remember that I was sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Hasting St. Noosa, eaves dropping on the conversation at the table next to me, trying to fathom how these people could be so totaly engulfed in their own existance and never stopping to enjoy the simple things in life, like watching the waves break, or a great sunset, or even those summer showers we get up here. When it really matters, what's important to you !!!!!!!

Equinox:  Where the day is as long as the night, I've had some pretty long nights, days too!. The track is about the way things seem familiar, from the past to now, the memories that are triggered by sight,  sound, and feel. It's about then and now.

Lonely Highway:  I think everyone has been down this road before, it's more a sensation than a song, the way you can feel at certain times in your life when direction is abit cloudy !

Sail-away:  This is for absent freinds.......................................

Seductive Heat:
  Yep, it's a motorcycle track, and for those who know  the road from above two wheels,
you'll understand the meanings so much more. The way the night smells just after sunset, the lights of the city rise up to meet you, the way the bike feels with the fires burning deep inside her, you become passionate about who you are, you are truly an individual in control of your destiny. As you look through the beam of the headlight, it's like flying through an altered state and you realise that the people who watch you pass will never understand what it means to live the freedom, it's a Zen like state .

Sunrise ( the instrumental ):  I started out just practicing a lead break, and thought it sounded nice, so
I recorded and mixed it, no one was more astounded than me after I'd completed it, I thought " Christ, I've written a movie score." Hope you enjoy it.

Better Time:  This song came about when I was trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get everything done, and still have  time for everything I needed to do, like spend time with Sharon and my dogs,  ' Horrace & Bob '........( black dog & bob ). Have you ever thought back to  the time before morgages and bills, a time when you had nothing to worry about, and not to many responsibilities............This is a song about that time.

'Black Dog Bob ' has just completed their second C.D, 'On the level'. featuring 8  studio tracks, and 2 Live tracks, rangeing from soulful ballad , easy listening, to full on  blues and rock ,  tracks that demonstrate the good time and huge fat sound that these amazing muzo's. have perfected. As well as an interesting instrumental to end the disc.. This Portfolio of sound shows the full on diversity of style and groove that is making 'the dog' so popular with local and inter-state venues.

Black Dog Bob  are most happy to anounce the release of their third C.D. 'Turn it up', This selection of music is specificly aimed at the Blues lover in all of us. It's a Live Recording, with a live sound. Inspired by the  masters of Blues....Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Johnson, B.B.King, Ottis Rush & Eric Clapton. We pay tribute to the men who made the music....................Hope you enjoy it.